50th Anniversary Mustang


This is one of the most awaited celebrations of the Ford Mustang. This year it 50th Anniversary Mustang has come to light that the Ford Mustang will be releasing a new model in the year 2015. In accordance to this wonderful news, car dealers of Ford will also be taking pre-orders for the new Ford Mustang 2015. Interested buyers need to fill out a list for their names to be a part of those who are waiting for the models to arrive.

The 50th Anniversary Mustang is a much awaited even by all car dealers of the brand as this would mean that additional promotions and more units are to arrive. Such a huge event would entail more sales for the company as clients will surely want to check the latest models, learn more about the models to come and to see how Ford Mustang had made it to fifty years in the car business.

John Bleakley Ford:
50th Anniversary Mustang

The John Bleakley Ford car dealership has been selling Ford modes since its opening. The car dealers are known to distribute and sell cars of specific brands. The John Bleakley Ford car dealership does just that. With the celebration of the 50th Anniversary Mustang, many people are now interested in what's new with the car brand. Sources have mentioned that the celebration will be huge one attended by many car businessmen.

The John Bleakley Ford will also be celebrating the 50th Anniversary Mustang. The celebration can be done by lower rates; limited edition models released for a limited amount of time and for specific clientele of the Ford Mustang may take place. The site, John Bleakley Ford, is made for those who want to purchase Ford Mustangs. There are many ways in which the site allows you to view a desired car with the choices of picking different colours and designs.

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If you want the 50th Anniversary, simply pick up the phone and dial John Bleakley's hotline, or you may fill up an inquiry form found at their website. A very capable team will handle your needs. Do not put it off any longer. Remember that other people want the car, too.